A Girls Journal

January 15, 2011

Being young & full of dreams is such an important time in your life, it can also be confusing trying to sort through how you feel about your body, work guys….hmmm guys erherm where was I… oh yes friends, family, life… you get the point! Sometimes your friend may not be there or you just want to unload about loved ones or life without judgement or getting people upset or saying things the wrong way. So my question to you, do you keep a journal? Have you ever kept or even written in a journal? Keeping a journal can be much more that jotting down your day’s activities and thoughts. It can be a place where you get to know yourself and explore your inner world. There is a special kind of journal called a guided journal that will help you do that. It is created with starter phrases or topics for you to write about and to reflect on. A really good one even has places for you to go back over your writing and note what you have learned about yourself.

When was the last time you really spent some time with yourself learning about your views of the world and challenging them to see if they are realistic? When was the last time you learned something and then thought about how it fit with your philosophy of life? When was the last time you really looked at your own habits and evaluated how healthy they are and what they are doing for you as a human being? It takes time and attention to do these things. We usually do not take the time ourselves to do this. A good-guided journal will focus you on these and many other things and help you take an inventory of your life. It will help you hold yourself accountable for your thoughts and actions. It will reveal your thinking to you in a number of ways that will shed light on your biases, misperceptions and self-limiting beliefs.
Why is all of that good for you? We all need to stop occasionally to evaluate who we are and what we are doing with your lives. Right now you will hear a lot about living authentically. That means being aware of your values and beliefs and making sure they are aligned with your actions. By doing that you can be you. You can be real. You can live an authentic life.

Living an authentic life allows you to find your higher self. Your higher self is that part if you that is good and is concerned with the good of all. It holds your greater purpose and it guides you to do your life’s work in alignment with the needs of the Universe. There is a tremendous amount of self-fulfillment and joy to be had by living your higher purpose.
So that is why keeping a guided journal can be life changing for those who do it diligently. Oh & if you can, get one with a lock I highly suggest this from all the nosey folk in your house or keep in a safe please. You don’t have to write on paper you can also create one on your computer, simple! Happy writing ;p


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