January 14, 2011

LOL its so funny, we all know that male friend that calls round to give that helping hand or that shoulder to cry on and we love them.. but only as a friend.
Some guys are really truly genuine but some think that some day they will get us betwen the sheets and thats their real motivation.
But guys come on not every girl you meet wants to shack up with you and there’s a lot of girls out there that just like a guys friendship and opinion.
But if this is not enough for you and your not convinced, heres a few signs that we feel shoud give you the heads up on knowing when your in that ‘Friend Zone’ with a girl.

No.1 She gushes over other men infront fo you.
Isn’t this an obvious sign? Yes, it is. But the capacity of the lonely male mind for denial is staggering. So this still needs to be said.

No.2 She doesn’t lay a finger on you
Dont get this wrong with hugs or goodbye kisses as girls are naturally like this with everybody but It’s long been known that an interested woman will brush her fingers against your arm, tickle you or lightly smack you if they are interested.

No.3 She brings a third Party
This is a completely unfair trick that women will play if they either don’t like you or aren’t yet sure that they do.

No.4 She asks for favors
Is she regularly asking far more of you than your time and attention? Maybe first she wants to raid your DVD collection.

No.5 She stays away from you in public
If she isn’t interested in you, she certainly doesn’t want anyone to mistakenly think that she is. Accordingly, she will avoid being seen “coupled up” with you at classic date spots.

No.6 She uses the F-word
No, not the good F-word lol.(you wish) The F word she uses is much frustrating .It means your in the ‘The Friend Zone’ and your stuck there. If a woman addresses you with the word “friend,you are dead in the water.

No.7 She won’t bend to your will
When you hang out with her, do you always find yourself at women’s clothing and shoe stores or insist on her favorite cafe. when was the last time you watched a action movie or football game with her? Interested women will always seek out ways to please and cater to at least some of your manly interests.

No.8 She brings up other women
When a single woman talks about your prospects with other females, she is shifting your attention away from herself and on to other hapless victims.

No.9 She doesn’t laugh at your jokes
A sense of humor usually tops a woman’s attraction wish list.

No.10 She’s not on her toes around you
Where there’s no tension, there’s no romance, women are usually nervous when they are in the company of someone they are attracted too and will go out there way to present themselves best as possible.


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