January 14, 2011

The years and times are fading in the distance when once open a time dark skin was considered unattractive to grace our media outlets. Magazines, televison, adverts have been plastered with light skin or caucassion models but now in 2011 change is started to happen. Its still a way to go but times have changes where dark skin is not just cool, its not just a strength its also a form of beauty that cannot be denied.
One of the first beautiful model to hit the catwalk world was Alek wek from london and below is an interview of froher at the moment she got aproached to become a super model. To all you wanna be models out there no matter what, always believe in yourself, you never know what may lay just around the corner. heres the story fro Alek

Alek Wek

Alek explains how she was discovered in London:
“A friend of mine invited me to a street festival in Crystal Palace, south London… A short, blonde woman came up to me and said, ‘Have you ever thought about becoming a model?'”
Alek Wek

“The woman gave me her business card, which had Models 1 printed on it, and said I should visit her and her friend Nigel at their agency.”

“She took my photo and told me to call her. My mother did not approve, said I should think about college instead, so I did not call the agency.”
Agency scout

“Two weeks later my mother took a call from a scout at the model agency wanting me to come to their office.”

All of a sudden I was a model … 19 years old in the middle of London, and people were interested in my ‘look’, and photographers wanted to take pictures of me.

The kids in London hade made fun of my long legs, my dark skin, my round African face, and my short reddish hair. They made fun of everything about me. That’s why becoming a model was such a surprise.

Alek is now one of the most recognised models in the world with A list designers who have her on their top lits of must have models.
At long last, designers are realizing that there is beauty in dark skin girls but all colors and races should be celebrated in the world of entertainment and fashion. Walking together in the line of fashion and entertainment across the world. For this is the real beauty of today, grown and matured from an ugly past to a place we can at least say, change is happening.



  1. thank you g hun glad you like the post.

  2. Luv it!!!

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