January 13, 2011

When makeup brushes start getting worn out and dirty, its a good idea if you wash them, to get them back to life!!!!

What the difference between expensive and cheap make-up brushes, besides the price?
Both used synthetic bristles, and the cheap make-up brushes looked pretty much identical to the expensive ones. The difference is the results, so if you want to invest in expensive make-up brushes i would say go for it!!!!!

How to clean your brushes?

* Use a makeup brush cleaner or mild hair shampoo to clean your makeup brushes. If using a cleanser, follow the instructions — some are alcohol based and don’t require water, others do. If using shampoo, run brushes under water, mix in a little bit of shampoo, and rinse.
* Once you’ve cleaned your brush, reshape it into the correct position.
* To dry, lie brushes flat on a towel or hang upside down with clothespins. Do not place upright — water can run into the handle and cause rust or damage to the base.

Other great tips I found:

* Allow at least 8 hours for your brushes to dry completely.
* Plan to wash your brushes once a week — once a day (I KNOW!) if you suffer from acne or very sensitive skin.
* Wash brushes used with creams, lipsticks or lip gloss immediately after each use to avoid buildup.


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