January 13, 2011

With having sex it is really important to do it safely, as there is a high rise of catching a sexual transmitted disease. On a lighter note women have fantasies just like men, but most of the time won’t like to admit it, as she is probably uncomfortable with what a guy or her friends may say about her. Fantasies are harmless because they are just that… a fantasy, so be safe and think first before you decide what to make into a reality.

So here are what we think women fantasize about……

1. Sex with another man (usually he’s a celebrity). This doesn’t mean you’re dissatisfied with your real sex life, just that you’re excited by new experiences — and, of course, gorgeous stars.

2. Ménage à trois. If you’re picturing yourself with two men, you want to be adored and doted on — heck, maybe even fought over. Thinking about yourself and your guy with another woman ignites the very sexy idea that other ladies find your guy attractive too.

3. Domination. This fantasy allows you to engage in sexual stuff that may seem taboo,remove link without any guilt. Seeing yourself as submissive can signify a desire for a loss of control, freedom from responsibility is thrilling!

4. Sex with a woman. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re questioning your sexuality. It shows that you appreciate the sexiness of the female form (we are gorgeous) — and that you’re open-minded about pleasure and you will always be a man lover.

5. Sex with your guy in Fancy dress. This allow you to play a roll and be someone else for a night or 2…. It’s makes it a bit more exciting, also being at location or where you shouldn’t have sex, is a massive turn on because its dangerous!!!!


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