January 11, 2011

There is no stopping Nicki Minaj her ambition is WORLD DOMINATION!!!!
So far this year she has saturate your TV Screens, Airwaves and favorite publications.
Her latest accomplishment is the upcoming cover of V Magazine’s Spring Preview 2011 Issue. This lady is getting hotter and hotter!!!
What to aspect next from Nicki……
– She just shot the music video for your next single “Moment 4 Life,” featuring Drake. (that’s going to be a massive hit, and i hope the video lives up to the hype!!!)
– Next will be a video with Rihanna for “Fly” (this will be epic!!!! we all know when it comes to videos and sexy appeal Rihanna and Nicki are killing the game!!!!)
Also have you heard the news that she is moving in with Rihanna, and also is single and ready to mingle. These two girl are taking the world by storm in 2010 having sold more than 500,000 ablums each in their first week of their album release,. Can you imagine them in 2011 the biggest and sexiest collobration i must say !!!!!


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