January 9, 2011

Have you ever dated a guy that made your heart beat so fast, your toes curl and made butterflies in your stomach. Then You’ve been in love…. yet you just can’t quite relax and you can’t help but fear if them seeing someone else. Maybe you are….JEALOUS but your in denial and don’t like to admit it. well here are a few signs of a jealous lover.

1) On the phone to a friend or receiving a text message in front of your partner. It’s one thing to be questionable of who may be on the phone or who sent you a text, but your overstepping the boundaries, by acting like you are, or they are the joint owner of your lover’s phone. You should find out about that “I miss you” text from his ex because he/she told you, not because you picked up his/her Blackberry and read it while he/she was asleep.

2) Date Night= Every Night That Ends In ‘Y’: If you and your lover are inseparable because you can’t get enough of one another, that’s one thing. If you are stuck like glue because you don’t trust her/him out in the streets with anyone but you, that’s a whole different story. While your lover shouldn’t be tearing up the club without you five days a week, you should be able to trust even when you aren’t by their side.

3) You Can Name Every Woman Who’s on His ‘Friends’ List, You look at your honey’s Facebook and post something on his wall everyday. Checking his page multiple times a day, asking for details on every girl he’s connected on FB and commenting on everything he posts just “so them girls know what time it is”. Insisting that he uses a few photos of you and him together as his profile pic, and getting mad that he has “ single ” to his profile….even though it said “single” when you met him. (i mean who regulary changes their profile these days once its done). However, if he has no romantic status listed whatsoever, then demanding that he changes that so everyone knows about you is just… well .. you know

4) Passwords Aren’t Protected: You might need to curb your jealousy if you have either demanded passwords from your lover or if you managed to decipher them on your own. If you are up reading emails from last December at 3AM because you figured that his password to his phone is his dog’s name, this may be the time for you to do some serious re-evaluation of your situation.

5) You Two Can’t Hang Out With the opposite sex, Your honey is having a party for his birthday at the club. His homeboys and his homegirls are there, as well as other women who are patronizing the venue. You have attached yourself to his side so closely, one might think you were conjoined twins. He can’t so much as speak to another woman unless he adds “Have you met my girlfriend? She’s prettier than you, right?”.

6) You ‘Check in’ With His Friends and Family: Having a relationship with your love’s loved ones is great! The friend and family co-sign is invaluable. However, if you call his line brothers to pry about what really happened at their chapter reunion, or you only check in with his mother when you heard that his ex-girlfriend stopped by to visit her…you might lose that co-sign soon.

Trust is a big issue in a relationship so if there is no trust you should either change your mind set after clearing the air with your partner or if you can’t do that, then i think its time to move on and find some who you can really trust and not be jealous.


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