January 8, 2011

If your having problems from not feeling special, and you feel like you blend in with the crowd but you want to stand out or your trying to get a job with a lot of people applying and you just don’t know how to become a bit different but still being yourself here are a few tips to help you.

One of the tips i would say is finding your own individual style, wither its big glasses, bright red hair, tall and lanky.
When you got your own personal characteristics, and you embrace and work with it. It eventually becomes your own style.
It will take a while to get your own style as you will have to try things before you can say ‘YES, THAT’S ME’
in front of the mirror, so don’t be scared, as everyone has to do it, some find out earlier than others. Even music artist have to do it!!!!

When your self esteem is high people notice you more. If you ever been to a concert and the artist comes out, they don’t come out standing in once place, they come out energetic to get the crowd attention.
Some people have got that aura, they walk in a room and all eyes goes to them. You can do it too!!!
My tip would be once you feel comfortable in your own skin you will be able to feel good about your self, this will show from the out side, and people will notice!!!!
Then got to look at yourself and say that your beautiful, and don’t let anyone take that away from you. the way you look at yourself is the way others will look at you.

You’ve got to have a high energy and self esteem for anybody to notice you from the crowd. So the way you can do that is change your way of thinking and feeling. So get EXCITED!!!! feel HAPPY!!! if you are having problems with getting to high level of energy then you might have to change your life style. Like exercising more and getting fresh air. Do activities that you LOVE doing, even change your work if its not making you happy!!!!

When going for a job, people who are hiring, want to see a well presented person with excitement, and confidence, that the person who they hire can do the job well and is also a fresh of breath air to the company!!!!


  1. Thank you,very happy that you like the post.

  2. Best Post ive seen all day and totally agree…#INSPIRED

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