January 7, 2011

Part 2 of How To Approach A Women.

If you didnt read step 1 follow the link below to catch up.

Step 2.


Women can tell IMMEDIATELY if a guy lacks guts, if he is less than dominant, when he approaches them and opens his mouth. Sometimes, even BEFORE he approaches them, women can tell if he is a submissive little boy.

How ?

Simple: If a guy STARES at a woman instead of just IMMEDIATELY approaching her, a woman knows the guy is TOO NERVOUS to act on his DESIRE. So if you ever see a woman you’d like to approach, don’t let her in on it before you have decided to TAKE ACTION.

Now, it’s best to just go up immediately, so you don’t over analyze the situation and bog yourself down with doubts, but if you have no idea what you are going to say, (i.e. you need to figure out a tease to say), then don’t look at her as you are figuring out what you are going to say. Figure it out, and THEN IMMEDIATELY approach her. Meaning “business” is especially important when you ask for an email, or if you suggest an “instant date”. Let’s say you’ve chatted it up with a woman for a few minutes, and then you ask for her email…

At this point, I believe a woman makes a subtle TEST…she wants to see if you MEAN BUSINESS, or if you are just playing around, or if you are too scared to really do this kind of thing, etc, etc.

DO NOT SMILE when you ask for the email. Look her straight in the eye, totally calm, without fear, without smiling. You are being a man, offering a woman something she WANTS. Sugar coating it with smiles, etc, only makes it look like you are trying to sell her a raw deal. And if there is a pause, a silence, DO NOT FILL THE “uncomfortable” quiet by saying ANYTHING.

You asked her for her email, and now she has a CHOICE to say yes no or maybe. But if YOU fill the void, it’s a sign of you NOT being confident, it’s a sign of you trying to find a way out of this “emotional risk” (which is really no risk when you think about it)- and that would not be sexy. During that pause, she will be checking your expression to see if you are a MAN. If she sees you MEAN it, and are offering her NO EASY WAY OUT to lessen the rejection you may face, it shows her you are not afraid of the consequences of your asking, because you MEAN IT and are prepared to accept whatever may happen.

This is NOT desperation, it’s MEANING BUSINESS.

By the way, in terms of dominance, it’s crucial not to make the mistake of thinking this means to be a JERK. What it really means is to behave in a way that only a guy who is TOO COMFORTABLE with her can. Being a smart-ass can sometimes convey dominance as well- here’s an example:

Once, I was at a trendy clothing store and teasing the girl who worked there, telling her the caps on display (which had a “beat up” look) were defective merchandise…she laughs and tells me it’s the style, I tease her some more and say “Sure, you get this stuff at a garage sale and then call it “the latest style” ” She laughs more.. then I take the hat and put it ON HER HEAD…and I take a long moment…as if I am deciding if it looks good or not on her, instead of just kissing up…. She was EATING THIS UP…loving every second of it. This is what I mean by dominance, as opposed to being a jerk.

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