January 5, 2011

If you want the best chance of having a successful approach with an attractive woman, it’s CRUCIAL to convey several thing so the first is..

1. That you are NOT desperate at ALL.

Notice how NONE of the things mentioned above are about how INCREDIBLY AWESOME you think SHE is. That’s because, if you are the kind of MAN she wants to meet, then in HER mind, she’s thinking that you should be able to attract women like her without a problem, so she really shouldn’t be a big deal to you.
Now, let’s go through the above elements, and HOW TO CONVEY THOSE ELEMENTS TO A WOMAN.
It’s important to realize that in order to convey something to a woman, you must understand how WOMEN interpret things, even if the way they interpret things is COMPLETELY WRONG!

First of all, anything that indicates EFFORT to speak to her, on your part, is a signal to a woman that you are desperate. Notice I said EFFORT, not COURAGE.
Let me give you examples of indicating too much effort:
You see a woman in a mall, walking, and she is FAR away from you. If you want to approach her, do not let her see that you are running half way across the mall to approach her! Instead, you should set it up so that you walk ahead of her without her noticing that you have noticed HER, then casually slow down, turn a bit as if you are looking at something, and VOILA- she just “happens” to walk right toward you. NOW you can do your thing- after all, she was right in front of you, right- it was NO BIG DEAL…lol
Second, anything that puts her on a pedestal also reeks of desperation. This includes over-use of compliments, especially on her beauty. Also, agreeing with everything she says and constant smiling and nodding also reeks of desperation. It says that you are treating her as if she has THE POWER TO MAKE YOU SO DAMN HAPPY- this THROWS ALL THE POWER IN HER COURT, and makes you seem INFERIOR.
After all, if you are not desperate, then why are you getting so excited and happy from her? Let HER smile instead. Giving her too much approval, too much attention, leaning in to her physically or metaphorically, all add up to d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-i-o-n in her mind. Also, I should mention that acting MEAN does NOT SHOW that you are not desperate, it actually shows that you are indeed bitter and desperate.

i hope you have learned, tomorrow i will give you the second step, but in the mean while practice step 1.


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