January 5, 2011

There are two types of lashes that are commonly produced and distributed: strip and individual. Strip lashes come in pairs, and add density along the lash line. They are to be applied to your eyelid right above the lash line, and can be used up to 8 times without the use of mascara. They have an inner edge and an outer edge. The inner edge is where the hairs are shortest, and the outer edge is where the hairs are the longest. If you need to trim your lashes, start from the outer edge and work your way inwards. They are applied with adhesive glue, and must be removed every night before going to bed.

1. To apply false eyelashes, start first with applying your eye makeup as usual, including eyeliner and mascara. If your natural lashes are straight, then curl them with an eyelash curler.
2. Take the lash strips out of the tray and hold them up to your own lashes as though you are going to apply them. Remember the inner edge has to be applied to the inner corner of the eye. If the false lashes are wider than your natural eye, trim the excess strip with small scissors to re-size the strip.
3. Squeeze a small amount of eyelash adhesive onto a cotton swab, and swipe a thin line along the back of the lash strip.
4. Give the eyelash adhesive 30-45 seconds to allow it to set. This is the most important step because the lash strip will not hold when it’s wet. After that, place the strip along your natural lash line and hold with your fingers for a few seconds to secure them. Once in place, allow the glue to dry for a few minutes before applying mascara (if desired).
5. To remove false eyelashes: Since the glue used to apply false eyelashes is adhesive, you can gently pull the strip away from your lash line. Other methods used to remove lashes include water, eye makeup remover, or baby oil. You can saturate the lashes for 2-3 minutes, and gently pull the strip away without tugging at your own natural lashes. Place them back in the tray for reuse.

individual lashes are applied in spaces between your own natural lashes to create a fuller more natural look, and they come in two styles: regular and cluster. Regular lashes are single lash hairs that can be applied individually, and cluster lashes are several fine hairs connected to a tiny base. When used with individual lash glue, these lashes can stay in for up to six weeks. The only drawback is that you will have gaps between your lashes when they fall out, so you will have to get them replaced as soon as possible. It’s very important to choose lashes that will compliment your face shape and desired look.


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