January 3, 2011

Hey guys unlike sports, video games, or other hobbies, kissing is something that you can become great at in no time at all! But before you learn the tactics, it’s good to learn the principles behind the kiss.
If you dont like reading try watching this video at the bottom of this post 🙂

The most important thing is to kiss someone you like! Mutual attraction is essential to a great kiss. Without it, all you’re doing is pressing your lips together, and you’ll leave feeling unfulfilled and disappointed. Kissing is a way to show affection, to let someone know you really like them, and a passionate way to say “I love you.” The more feeling there is behind the kiss, the more enjoyable it will be. This is why kissing just anyone isn’t really that fun, and definitely isn’t a good idea. If you save those strong, passionate kisses for someone you truly have feelings for, your kissing experience will be 100 times more exciting. One of the biggest factors in good kissing is this attraction itself, as opposed to pure technique.

The basics of kissing
Step 1
Face your partner. Make sure your faces are somewhat close together–closer than you would be if you were just talking to someone.
Step 2
Lean in slowly. Tilt your head to one side and part your lips just as you come close to their mouth, making sure you have good eye contact so you dont end up kissing your partners nose.
Step 3
Press your open lips to theirs (your mouths will be diagonal to one another or even nearly perpendicular). Open your mouth further once you make contact.
Step 4
Gently slide your tongue inside your partner’s mouth. Don’t force it down there! Slowly move it across their tongue. Slide your tongues across one another, and gently explore your partner’s mouth. Remember to avoid real fast movements (slower is hotter and more tantalizing!), and remember to breathe through your nose!

To Jazz up kissing try to use these techniques with the basics..
The Eskimo Kiss
Touch each other’s noses and rub back and forth
The Butterfly Kiss
Brush your eyelashes against a partner while rapidly blinking. It produces a light, ticklish sensation, as of a butterfly brushing one’s cheek.
The Nip Kiss
Make sure you do this one carefully. While kissing, gently bite their lip, also by eye contact while doing this will allow to see if the person likes it or not and if your biting to hard or not hard enough.
The Sucking Kiss
While your partner’s lips are parted, gently suck on their top or bottom lip, i would also advise eye contact to see if the person is enjoying it or not.
Moving Kiss
Switch things up by kissing them on the corner of the mouth, then kissing the edges of their lips, in a circular fashion if you’d like.
Slow Mo
Pretend like you are kissing in slow motion, also pauses when you pull away in a flirty way and eye contact as it keeps the kissing more fun!!!!

To jazz it up even more you can do the following!!!!!
Hands running though the hair, or slightly pulling of the hair and if they dont have hair then massaging the head would be a good alternative.
kissing, licking and sucking on the neck. if your a bit cheeky you can leave a love bite, you can do that by sucking on the neck like a vampire.
tongue in the ear and sucking the ear lob, slightly biting too.
Sucking on the tongue with up and downwards motion.
tongue play like licking the lips slowly with good flirting eye contact.
sexy smiling keeps it fun and playful.

Top tips!!!
Brush your teeth before a date or kiss.
try to stay away from onions and garlic before a date.
have nice perfume on your neck or on the side of your neck next to your hair line as the smell will last longer.
do not eat the persons face off who you are kissing unless they ask you to.
slight grabbing of the face and neck, but guys please do be careful of the girls make-up.
have closed eyes when need, sexy eye contact.
biting your own lip and making ahhh in a sexy voice when been kissed on the neck to let the person know that your liking it.
take turns on leading and following when kissing.

Well those are most of the secrets to being an amazing kisser!!!!!!!!!!!
so go forth and kiss responsibly because once you become a master of that you will be irresistible!!!!!


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