More cleavage instantly!!!!

January 3, 2011

Breasts are the only area of the female body where most women usually think “more is better”. Any other area, and we’re thinking less is more, but the breasts are always one part of the female anatomy that it’s been drilled into our society, where it’s good to have a little more flesh.

5 ways to make your cleavage better and bigger instantly!!!!!!

1. Push-up trick to get you the most realistic cleavage you can get. They are a little device that you can insert right into your bra. They conform to your breast perfectly because they warm to your skin in a short time thanks to your body heat, and they are made of silicone, so they feel like totally natural breast tissue, especially once they get warm. They go by several different names. One, which is the funniest to me, is the “chicken fillets”. This is because they look somewhat like a piece of raw chicken. Kind of gross, I know, but they are flesh colored, sort of pinkish, and they have the consistency of a chicken fillet, minus the cold, slimy texture.
2. “Water bras”, which contain little half moon of water filled silicone shells in them, which provide a very realistic full look in shirts.
3. There’s also the Miracle bra, and it’s generic counterparts, which use good ol’ fashioned padding to push those puppies up to where you want them. There are even adjustable bras that will tighten according to how much cleavage you want, so that tighter the adjustment, the more cleavage you’ll show. A really well know one is ‘wonderbra’
4.Another option for enhancing your breast size and pushing them up to make them fuller is to use a special tape that is designed to stick to the skin. Some brands which also make the fillet inserts also make the double sided tape. This is excellent if you are wearing a shirt of a dress that doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination, and which no bra will show no lines. Think of the J Lo dress that drew so much attention way back when she was dating P Diddy!! She was definitely wearing some sort of special double sided tape in that one!
4.If you’re truly interested in shaping the breasts and enhancing their fullness and round shape, then you should probably get a bra with a substantial underwire and a good sized crescent padding underneath the breast. This helps to push the breasts up and together, which makes them appear higher up on the body as well as helps to create the illusion of more roundness and perkiness, which helps to enhance their size.
V neck shirts are the best for enhancing your assets. There are also certain cuts of tshirts that help to enhance what you’ve got. If you’re looking to get the best style of bathing suit to help your breasts look better, often times triangle tops work well for women who are both large and small breasted. Because you can alter the pads in your bathing suit tops, and you can position the triangle top to look more complementary to the shape of your breasts, they are the most versatile, breast enhancing choice for bathing suit tops.
5. Try dabbing a little bit of shimmer or Vaseline (or something else that is glossy) in between your breasts. Don’t over do this though, as this could easily end up looking totally cheesy if it’s over done, however, the optical illusion this creates draws attention to the curve and swell of the breasts, and in particular, enhances the illusion of larger breasts to the human eye because of the way it reflects the light.

Here is a video to show you how some of the bras work!!!

Boys this video is for you!!!!


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