January 2, 2011

1.Figure out what you want to model/or what type of model you want to become.
Yes there are all types of models out there. There are fashion models, glamour models, spokesmodels, advertisement models even part models (They model with their hands or feet etc etc).
This is also a good time to examine your talents and traits. Certain types of modeling require certain traits. Fashion is the most demanding. For example, if you are female, the standard is 5’9 + 110-130 lbs and exotic , the afro caribbean look, is getting more popular, or if you are just VERY VERY Beautiful. Other types of modeling have more lax requirements, but you can see that it varies. Once you have decided what you want to do – and do your home work – then you can move onto next step.

2. Move to the locale that is best for your area
Location is the most important thing in modeling. If you want to do fashion/runway you have to go to a large city; preferrably London, Paris, LA, Milan etc. If you want to do glamour you can pick a smaller city (but still a city). You can live near a city, but it is going to limit your options. Your going to have to go to a lot of Casting Calls and talk with agencies, and that is going to be very hard if you don’t live in the town the casting call is in. Ask yourself, “is this really something I’m going to dedicate myself to?”

3. Hit the road.
Get out there and market, market, market yourself . You have to show agencies and photographers, ad agents and everyone else in the industry that you mean business. When I say “market” I mean put your best face forward. Show them why they want you. You aren’t going to get every job you want, but you will get work; you just must be dedicated and take rejection with a smile.

4. Becoming a model is not free
Like any career you have to pay for school. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to pay for modeling school, but it is a start. Many agencies won’t work with a model unless they have experience. This reason is because the agency is putting its’ reputation on the line every time a client requests a model. If they send an ill prepared newbie to a shoot, and they don’t know what to do or how to pose or act this will reflect badly for them. However, you can get experience for free. Photographers are always looking for models to shoot and agencies have open casting calls that are free to the public. It is a chance to meet and greet and sometimes get your foot in the door of opportunities.
This still doesn’t eliminate all costs. You are going to have to pay for pictures at some point. Comp Cards cost money too, and investing in online services can also provide you with great contacts and resources. It is expensive to market, and marketing yourself isn’t any different.

5) The last thing i will say is be be patient, the big jobs wont come rolling in straight away, its a very competitive market and if you want to succeed you have to put yourself out there and learn the game and your craft. Gt as much experience as you can so when that chance comes you are prepared. Good Luck!!!


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