January 1, 2011

The first thing you want to do is make sure your hair is all natural, no chemicals all natural. That way you have a better chance of growing a stronger healthier fro. You also want to keep it moisturized as well. Shea Butter is a great product for afro textured hair, not only does it moisturize the hair but it strengthens, gives it a nice shine, and smells nice to. What I do personally when I want my fro to reach it’s maximum height is wash it with (Cream of Nature shampoo & condtioner) it’s a all in one product. After that I apply Infusium 23, then blow dry my hair on a low heat setting because too much heat is bad for the hair. After that I apply a moderate amount of the Shea Butter and using a pick I comb my hair out. Make sure when you comb your hair that you comb the front and the sides forward, the middle straight up, and the back down.

This method eliminates the kinks you may get while combing your hair and prevents breakage around the sides, middle, and back of your hair. After the hair is dried and combed I simply pat my fro to my desired shape and i’m good to go. This method usually lasts for about a week or so according to how much you wash your hair or sweat. You shouldn’t have to blow dry your hair daily apply the Shea Butter as needed for maintainece. When taking a shower wear a shower cap it protects the hair from the moisture and the steam your shower may create which makes the hair shrink right up. Avoid excessive combing and brushing or things that may cause the hair to break. If you have breakage you’ll never be able to get that Michael Jackson teenage fro you want. But lots of care, patience,a daily multi vitamin, lots of water, and a healthy diet will be a great contribution to your hair growth so you can wear your fro to it’s maximum height.


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