Celebrity news!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 16, 2009


Bad boi LiL wayne

has seriously has gone one step too far by breaking Lauren London’s heart!!!!!!!!

Lauren London

Lauren London


The 6 month pregnant actress found out on the net that the singer Nivea is pregnant too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 When Lauren found out she was outraged and expressed herself on her twitter!!!!

Both lauren and Nivea are having baby boys for Rapper lil wayne,

Lil wayne is a lucky man to have two beauty queens having his babies

Lil wayne is a lucky man to have two beauty queens having his babies


A reliable source stated that Wayne doesn’t want anything to do with Lauren and is getting married to Nivea.

Lil wayne and Nivea are engaged

Lil wayne and Nivea are engaged


 hopefully Lauren will bounce back and over come this terrible situation, may this be a lesson to all those girls who play with fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you play with fire you may get burnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britney Spears is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brit is coming back strong with her amazing entertaining circus tour in Europe supported by ciara!!!!!!!

getting back to shape

getting back to shape


For a mother of two young boys she is looking amazing!!!!!

after the tour i will be looking forward to her next single and of course next video!!!!

This is your girl Loan signing out Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. 4 Lauren..guess its beauty without brains…

  2. Yo fault babe

  3. Why did u give it up 2 dat bitch ass? Yo fault babe

  4. Eu couma mulher desa nao pasaria fome

  5. weezy,y yo libido too high? learn how to respect ladies…….atleast play them b dont get them pregnant!

  6. why would you leave lauren for nivea she so too many different baby daddies

  7. Lauren never went out wit wayne..he was wit nivea at da tym..They both stupid cuz nivea still wit him even afta she found out he cheated wit lauren n dat asian gurl SARAH!! Am juss glad ma gurl trina didnt get pregnant by his ass!!! God saved ha 4rm a whole lotta shit!! Its sad cuz he aint gt respect fa females n he brags about it bt women still tend ta give it to him..n females lyk dat give him a reason ta keep on disrespectin us!!

  8. lauren you are too pretty of a lady too go out like that lil wayne is my hommie but he is not worth it.

  9. hi nice pic nono no homo sorrrry!!!

  10. lauren you are so stupid to go out with wayne even thought i like him he does not seem to right for you. And he need to tack off all of those tatoos

  11. lil’ wayne is crazzy for leaving lauren for nivea…
    lauren is wayyyyy prettyier!!!! wth is up with sexxay ass boyys and ugly ass bitches???

  12. Wat u lilwanye text bac

  13. ima need’ wayyne too juxt qet backk wit toya causee i believe dhatsx wat waynee wants lovee ya
    -im outie

  14. u can see me at the wab be below

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